About the Carpenter's House Missionary Project


In the heart of Carol Nagy a vision was born to teach and train others in the creation of wood art and crafting skills; to help others learn this trade so they develop a skill to elevate their future potential earnings. God answered that vision in the creation of the Carpenter's House.

The Carpenter's House name for the project was chosen because on the campus of the Bridge Church in Princeton NC is a building called The Carpenter's House . Since Carol's vision was birthed at this campus she adopted that name. The project was launched in 2009 It was started in the Dominican Republic and continued to the country of Belize in 2011. At the present time several students in Belize are being trained in developing this skill.

David Ramirez and Kevin Lundquist also caught the vision and work together with Carol. David now has his own wood shop in Chicago Heights, IL. Kevin is establishing his own shop in Goldsboro, NC along with taking Carol's ministry in Belize and Honduras. 



Every area circled in RED on this map of Belize has been walked on by members of the ministry. We are standing on God's promise to guide us in teaching the people of Belize the skills learned and nurtured in "The Capenter's House Ministry". AMEN!